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Nordic BioEnergy’s identity consists of a combination of ideals and business sense. We want to contribute to a world where the greenhouse effect is reduced and sustainable energy is spread. We can only do this by supplying energy plants that quickly provides our customers with a financial return and will run for many years to come.

Nordic BioEnergy

Supplier of modern biogas- and separation plants. Nordic BioEnergy is based on our employees' years of experience from existing facilities, such as Linkogas - Denmark, Hasimoto Farm - Japan, Läthen - Germany and Biokraft - Denmark. Some of the facilities are built with the BIOREK® technology, which Nordic BioEnergy has patented worldwide today. The biogas plants produce electricity, heat and fertilizer products, which are gentle on the environment. All of this is based on biomass for production of sustainable energy.

After the first year of Nordic BioEnergy, we have gained experience with biogas and separation markets. Therefore, we will soon be ready with a new strategy and product portfolio, which you can read more about on our website in the beginning of 2010.

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