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Vision, mission and values

We want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission, to improve the environment, and to reduce global warming by the spreading of our biogas- and separation plants.

Through constant focus on technological development we will work on lowering the plant’s operational costs and increase the resource utilization in our plants. The number of customers for whom our plants will be profitable will hereby increase and contribute to the fulfillment of our vision.

In Nordic BioEnergy we focus on delivering large integrated biogas- and separation plants for our customers in the countries around the Baltic. In this area we want to be the preferred business partner for Heat & Power companies, producers of ethanol, and larger producers of organic waste.

Nordic BioEnergy is a green company. And we value the environment very highly. In this day in age technological breakthroughs makes it possible to both protect the environment and make a profit doing it. Nevertheless three things condition this:

1. Constant focus on research and development.
2. That we are able to benefit from the best minds within our field of work.
3. Flexibility, an open mind, and a high standard of service to our customers.

This we ensure by openness in our approach to knowledge, trust in our colleagues, and respect for our customers.

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