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Our background

Nordic BioEnergy is founded on more than 20 years of innovative research and development in utilization of salts and organic material. The technology – BIOREK® – was invented by the now discontinued Danish bioengineering company Bioscan.

The research and development side of our company thus began back in 1985. The combination of biogas and separation has from the beginning been in focus with the objective to reach maximal utilization of organic waste materials from the agriculture. The first full-scale biogas plant was delivered I 1990 to Linkogas in South Jutland. The plant is still in full operation and awaits installation of high-tech separation.

With the completion of the high tech biogas- and separation plant on Bornholm a breakthrough in the utilization of organics waste material has therefore been made as well as the commercialization of a far-seeing technology.

Some of Bioscan’s former workers have chosen to continue their careers in Nordic BioEnergy. And combined with our economic foundation and the commercialization of BIOREK®, we consider ourselves a new vital company with more than 20 years of experience.

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