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Biogas plants

Nordic BioEnergy has over 15 years of experience in building biogas plants.

Our biogas plants can run on different types of biomass or treat residual products from the process industry, for example ethanol plants.

It is the sale of electricity and heat that lays the foundation for profitability for the buyers of a biogas plant. The payback time on our plants is 6-8 years while it’s lifetime is much longer.

This makes our biogas plants a very good investment for energy companies, farmer associations or others who wants to combine sustainable energy with rational business.

If the biogas plant is connected to an ethanol plant the energy costs can be removed by an environmentally correct investment and gain a sensible payback time of 2-5 years.

Clik here to watch film about the production of biogas.


The biogas is created by the degassing of manure or other kinds of organic waste in the reactor. Then the biogas is burned off to create electricity and heat that is sold to the grid.

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