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Biogas- and separation plants - BIOREK®

Nordic BioEnergy is the only company in the world that has developed and build a high-tech biogas- and separation plant.

A BIOREK® plant converts manure and other organic waste to valuables such as clean water, electricity, heat, and more effective concentrated fertilizers.

In the biogas reactor the organic material is converted to methane, it is then burned in the electricity- and heat producing generators.

The result of our patented process is that the utilization of organics material is very effective and the produced amount of electricity and heat is very high.

Organic material, which is difficult to decompose, and salts are filtered in the high-tech separation plant where the end products are bleed, ammonia concentrate, and phosphorus/potassium concentrate. Theses products are sold to the agriculture as environmentally friendly quality fertilizer. Another end product from the separation plant is clean water, which is lead back to the production process or lead to a recipient.

The plant converts 100 percent of the added material to valuable end products and contributes significantly to reducing the CO2 emission.

Click here to see the process diagram for BIOREK® (a more elaborated process drawing can be found in the submenu).


High-tech separation differs from separation by preserving 70 percent of the nitrogen and phosphorus from the manure in the fertilizing concentrates, while only 20 percent of the nitrogen and 60 percent of the phosphorus can be maintained using low-tech separation.

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