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Nordic BioEnergy performs continual laboratory analysis at the costumer’s request.

Our laboratory makes analysis within the fields of treatment of wastewater, biogas production, filtering processes, and separation. Furthermore we perform pilot tests of a plant for the customer to study long-term effects of biomass.

All analysis are made according to international standard methods and are delivered with the unit specification that the costumer asks for.

The laboratory has many years of experience with a wide range of analysis. We have a permanent staff of researchers who are familiar with the processes and who will ensure a high degree of quality and homogeneity in the test results.

Wastewater treatment: 1. Total solids (TS, VS in % or g/L) 2. Organic matter - chemical oxygen demand (COD in g/L) 3. Acidity (pH) 4. Nitrogen (%, mmol/L or g/L).

Biogas production: 1. Gas chromatography (gases in %) 2. Gas potential (gas yield in m³/m³ feed) 3. Volatile fatty acids (VFA in mmol/L or g/L).

Filtration processes: 1. Flux of feed media on special membranes 2. Pressure measurement (bar or mbar) 3. Retention/eff.

The laboratory has a database of more than 500 analysed biomasses at its disposal.

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